Profits: What does it cost to make a T-Shirt?
How Much Will I Make Per T-Shirt?
When calculating the cost for you to make a t-shirt and your potential profit, you have to look at the total cost of supplies and the overhead of operating your business.  But to make things simple, here are some basics.

For the blank shirts, make sure you have your tax id number so you can open a wholesale account with a supplier. This will give you the best possible pricing. Other than that, it really comes down to volume. If you are only buying a few dozen at a time, there's only so much of a discount you can expect. As your volume goes up, your costs will go down.

The cost for  basic blank t-shirts, your pricing is usually in the $1.50-2.50 range. For premium blank t-shirts, you should expect to pay in the $4.00-5.50 range.

Do some Google searching for "wholesale blank apparel." You should find plenty of resources. Contact them, open some accounts and compare pricing to get the best price and quality available.